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Floor Plan/ Location
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Movement through the building is kept in perpetual motion with a high-speed system of lifts. From the two basement level car parks, two lifts access the three entrance levels. From the Sky Lobby, two banks of passenger lifts, six in the low zone and eight in the high zone, then move through the building, assuring efficiency and safe arrival to the office floors. A service lift accesses all levels.

Business opportunities are maximised with power being supplied up to Trading operations standards. Productivity is guaranteed, with two independent Hong Kong Electric Co Ltd sub-stations supplying power through dual feeders. High-level power demands are satisfied, each floor providing generator power for critical facilities and dedicated rooftop space allocated for tenant’s own generators.

Comfort and convenience are foremost as the climate of each floor comes into the control of tenants. Tenants can personalise the temperature and operating hours of air conditioning to their own individual requirements using the advanced digitally controlled system that can be adjusted both remotely and independently. Providing ventilation and cooling as well as perimeter zone heating, the mechanics of the air conditioning system is concealed by a metal ceiling. Space is allocated on the rooftop for tenant’s own air conditioning plant. Sleek sunscreens also allow tenants to vary the amount of natural light available as the sun moves across the sky, and store away discreetly at ceiling height when not in use.

Rapidly changing and advancing, AIA Central meets the fluid needs of the IT era with fibre optic cables and dual lead-in facilities. Dedicated risers are available for inter-floor wiring by tenants. Three roof satellites offer greater connection to global communications.

The building’s concrete core combines with the steel frame structure to create a highly flexible and efficient floorplate. Exterior columns are positioned close to the curtain wall maximising the available space and access to natural light and views. Overhead, beams are spaced so that occupants can link departments and operations through inter-connecting stairs.


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