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Building Management
Introduction of Services

A high quality cleaning service is provided so as to offer a comfortable working environment for all occupants and tenants. Cleaning of toilets, office common corridors, lobbies, lifts and elevators are to be delivered regularly, together with the optional requests by the tenants to enjoy internal office cleaning in order to meet with their needs.



Repair / Maintenance  

With the aim to preserve the value of the Building and minimize disturbance to occupants, our team of professional technicians and engineers are employed to provide reputable services of repair and maintenance to all common facilities. We also arrange and supervise sub-contractors of various trades in carrying out maintenance works according to preventive maintenance programmes.


Security and safety are of paramount importance. At AIA Central , a well-developed Smartcard System to designated floors together with authorization of staff entry and visitor registration ensure a high degree of security and privacy for every tenant. The Building is manned and monitored by well-trained building specialists, with a 24-hour patrol system, under which a safe and secure environment can be maintained.

Car Park    

A two-storey car parking facilities at basement levels are available to our prestigious tenants. The pick up and drop off driveway is located on the street level of Murray Road, which allows a quick and convenient spot for the tenants and their visitors.

Customer Services    

The Concierge Desk is located at the Sky Lobby on the 2nd floor, where our Customer Service Team serves as a frontline interface to tenants and visitors for handling fault reports, booking of facilities, requests for services. Other reachable channels of servicing are the 24-hour Customer Service Hotline by phone and e-mail. Tenants and visitors are encouraged to contact our Customer Service Team if further information is needed.

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